We offer a propriatary Virtual Platform & Simulation Engine Technology to clients around the globe.
All contained within a secure Web App, with Native Apps in development.

Latest market data

Our fuel and commodity price data alongside the latest vessel and port information is constantly kept up to date to ensure our model offers maximum accuracy.

International planning

Our proprietary virtual platform allows for the simulation of shipping routes around the world, from any location.

Ship resources

Our platform technology allows for simulation of ship capabilities and efficiencies, with the latest port information and vessel data.

Simulation Engine

Spot Ship Exchange offers a unique simulation engine; our virtual platform data is fed with the latest chartering, building, buying & selling and scrapping market data to produce an up to date Supply & Demand model.

Fiscal foresight

Our software tracks current and predicted prices, and allows for the simulation of future transactions in combination with localised price variation.

Leading development

As well as providing the latest shipping data for our clients, our development team at Spot Ship Exchange are working hard to ensure security, efficiency and usability for the user.